Disaster Relief Help for Canada

Disaster Relief Help for Canada

- by David L. Meyer
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Disaster Relief Help for Canada Alberta, Canada experienced extensive flooding which was declared the worst in the history of this Western Canadian Province. More than 25 locations were under official state of emergency status, with numerous crisis relief centers opening as water levels rushed higher and evacuation orders were released in community after community. 

More than 100,000 people were impacted. Many people were displaced from their homes due to flood waters, utility power failures, devastation from damages and the imminent dangers of associated health risks due to contamination. 

Joyce Meyer Ministries/Hand of Hope, in partnership with First Assembly Church in Calgary, immediately reached out and got involved on the ground level by providing volunteer workers with meals. We also provided volunteers with equipment needed to prepare for restoration and rebuilding, from protective gear to the tools required to help clean. Other needs throughout the region are being assessed for Hand of Hope involvement as well, as relief efforts continue to be coordinated. 

Thank you to our partners and friends for your incredible support throughout this time of crisis in so many homes and lives in Alberta, Canada.

Hand of Hope