Delivering Hope Reaching the Hungry and Homeless in the Former Soviet Union

Delivering Hope: Reaching the Hungry and Homeless in the Former Soviet Union

- by Hand of Hope
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Delivering HOpe Reaching The Hungry and Homeless in the Former Soviet Union When the Soviet Union fell in 1991, everything literally changed overnight. The sudden fall of communism led to economic collapse and resulted in sweeping social changes, including a new national religion and, in some locations, a new language. 

The nation’s new political identity also left an entire older generation disillusioned. Marked by its political and military heroes, these men and women watched everything they once fought for instantly crumble around them. The system was turned upside down…and even educated and decorated veterans struggled to find employment.  

In the wake of such dramatic change, millions have fought to simply survive, often lacking the most basic necessities. However, through your support, Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries World Missions is partnering with Rick Renner Ministries in the former Soviet Union to help reach thousands of precious people in need. 

In the Heart of Moscow 

Home to more than 16 million residents, Moscow is one of the most populated cities in the world…and it continues to expand. Each day, more people flood in from other parts of Russia looking for jobs and a place to live. 

The growing population also feeds a growing problem: thousands of “social orphans” lacking a home or proper care. Often escaping abusive situations or parents struggling with addiction, they many times go from bad to worse, falling prey to other dangerous situations or addictions themselves. 

“If you go through this city today and you look for these kids, you won't see them on the streets,” says Rick Renner. “They're living in the attics. They're living in the basements. These are kids who, especially in the colder months of the year, sniff glue…because glue causes them to feel warmer, and so there's a big addiction problem with glue.” 

Through Rick Renner Ministries’ Good News Church in Moscow, ministry teams regularly seek out these kids to provide them with meals and let them know someone cares. For these children, the love and support means everything. Continued visits open the door for us to share the message of Christ and invite them to the church, where we can help them in even greater ways. 

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