A Divine Accident

This Was No Accident

- by Joyce Meyer Ministries
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A Divine Accident

Every day, you are sharing God’s Word with people who need to hear about the hope that’s found only in Christ. You’re reaching people like Heather in Indiana, who writes:

“I was watching TV and suddenly a screen pops up that says: ‘Joyce Meyer: Enjoying Everyday Life—Allow or Not Allow?’ Somehow her show got recorded by accident and I thought, Oh, what the heck, might as well see what this is.

“So, I pressed ‘Allow’ and she immediately began talking to the people watching by TV. She said, ‘What are you waiting for to start your relationship with God?’ That night, my husband and I both accepted Christ while watching her program…and we have watched ever since!"

Because of you, millions of people like Heather and her husband are able to watch the program every day.

It all begins with Joyce’s conferences. Each year, you make it possible for Joyce to deliver the Good News in person to hundreds of thousands of people at these special events held all across the United States.

These hours and hours of teaching are then made available to everyone through the Enjoying Everyday Life program, which is available online and on hundreds of TV and radio stations worldwide in more than 95 languages.

Every day, you are introducing people to Jesus Christ for the very first time. In the middle of their lives—and often at a moment of great need—they are hearing the priceless message of hope…that God loves them.

When you partner with Joyce Meyer Ministries, you are a part of a worldwide family. And because of you, that family is growing every single day.

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