America's Roadmap to Freedom

America's Roadmap to Freedom

- by Joyce Meyer
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America's Roadmap to Freedom

It was September 17, 1787. The First Constitutional Convention was wrapping up in Philadelphia, and the delegates each took their turn signing a document that would forever change the nation—The Constitution of the United States of America.

Benjamin Franklin sat and took it all in, then once again found himself staring just past the president’s chair at a familiar painting of a warm sun gleaming above the horizon.

“I have often in the course of the Session looked without being able to tell whether it was rising or setting,” said Franklin. “But now at length I have the happiness to know that it is a rising sun.”

Everyone knew his meaning—he believed the Unites States would succeed. And it did. In fact, the document that Franklin and his friends gave us that day was a roadmap to freedom, resulting in one of the greatest nations in history…a rising sun poised to shine brightly for the next 230 years.

That day, we officially became a republic—a nation based on law. Our government locked into our Constitution the godly principles that had been our bedrock since the Pilgrims first landed in the early 1600s.

The results were astounding. Because we honored the Lord and reached out to Him as our Source, we quickly became a nation of abundance:

  • 47 million immigrants came into our country from 1820-1975.
  • The United States represents approximately 5% of the world’s population, but has created more new wealth than the rest of the world combined.
  • We are responsible for more discoveries in medicine, education, power-energy, transportation, aircraft, and agriculture than any other nation.
  • The United States has been the food basket of the world, and we have never suffered a famine.
  • We are always the first to provide relief to other nations during natural calamities, sometimes even providing aide to our enemies.

“A Republic, If You Can Keep It”

Let’s go back for a moment to September 17, 1787. After the Constitution was signed into law, Benjamin Franklin exited the building to a crowd of curious people. One woman shouted, “Sir, what have you given us?”

Franklin famously responded, “A republic, ma’am, if you can keep it.”

What did he mean? Our form of government offers the very greatest liberties and freedom—but it also requires the most responsibility, moral virtue and maintenance to keep it intact.

Many consider a republic to be the highest form of government devised by man. However, it also requires the greatest amount of human care and maintenance. Why? If neglected, a republic can deteriorate into a variety of “lesser” forms…

  • A democracy—a government conducted by popular feeling
  • Anarchy—a system in which each person determines their own rules and standards
  • Oligarchy—a government run by a small council or a group of elite individuals
  • Dictatorship—a government run by a single individual

Our republic was formed for good, moral, active people. However, over the years, our moral fabric has deteriorated and the American people have lost their way and slowly stopped fighting for what’s right. And our passivity has come at a great price…

In the past 60 years alone, we have allowed God to be erased from our history books, prayer to be taken from our schools, and the government to exercise unprecedented control.

America has experienced unparalleled abundance. But as we began to forget the Source of our abundance and where we came from, it led to selfishness.

We have gone from a strong godly nation—ready to fight for our liberties and moral principles—to one that’s complacent, allowing ungodliness to creep in little by little.

Today, we are a primarily a nation that doesn’t even know there is a battle. As a result, we are yielding our rights and slowly becoming more dependent on the government—not God—as our Source.

As Christians, the choice is up to us: We can either stand up and fight or lay down and die. But we can’t stay the same and survive.

It’s Not Too Late for a Comeback

I believe God has called me to sound the alarm—to bring people’s attention back to their true heritage. My desire is to rally our nation to stand up and fight for the incredible freedoms and liberties that we have been given.

Ignorance is what has caused America to lose its way; however, knowledge is the key to getting back on track.

I strongly encourage you to get educated. By reading books like America’s Providential History, you’ll discover the true godly history of our nation and the principles that made our country great.

You’ll discover the principles worth fighting for.

The same God who heard the cries of our Founding Fathers is still with us today. And He is looking and longing for His people to take action, fulfill their responsibilities and cry out to Him for help. He is our Guide, and with His help, we can keep this great nation that was entrusted to us more than 200 years ago…

…and not let the sun go down on America.

Dave Meyer is Joyce’s husband and vice president of Joyce Meyer Ministries. His passion is to share about this country’s rich Christian heritage and motivate people to get involved by praying, learning about the issues, and taking action.

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