Stories: Making Room for More

Making Room for More

Making Room for More

- by Hand of Hope
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Making Room For More

You’re throwing a lifeline to young women like Chenglang, giving them an opportunity for a brand-new life. At just 13, Chenglang dropped out of school in order to find work so she could help support her family.

Like many other children in Laos, she was hired by a factory where she worked 18- to 20-hour shifts for as little as $1 a day, away from her family and in constant danger from traffickers.

Then a local pastor offered Chenglang an opportunity to live at the Gabrielle House in Thailand—our rescue and restoration home for girls at risk. Over the next few years, she began a relationship with Christ and learned a valuable trade, ensuring she would no longer have to live in danger.

“Today, I am in Bible school to learn more about God,” Chenglang said. “My dream is to go home to Laos and open a business—something that would bless others and bring people to know God more.”

Every single day, you are transforming the lives of girls just like Chenglang. At the Gabrielle House, we provide counseling, job training and the message of God’s love that truly sets them free.

In fact, your support is enabling even more women and girls to be rescued and to know their value in Christ. Because of you, we were recently able to expand the Gabrielle House and double its capacity, offering shelter to up to 40 girls at any given time.

And the Gabrielle House is so much more than a shelter. It’s a spiritual hospital—a place where you are helping these girls to recover their sense of worth and learn that they are loved by God.

The Gabrielle House is just one part of our Project GRL initiative focused on helping women and girls around the world—guiding them into truth, restoring their sense of worth in Christ, and loving them as daughters of God.

Hand of Hope