Days Full of Joy

Girls helped by HOH

Days Full of Joy

- by Joyce Meyer Ministries
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Hand of Hope

Bhoomika lives in a small village in India where water has been scarce and education is non-existent because girls are forced to spend their day making the long, treacherous walk to gather water for their family. And not just any water—unclean water that causes illness and sometimes even death. For so many in this village, hope has been an unknown word.

But a Hand of Hope freshwater well and church—a Well of Life—has saved this precious 10-year-old from so much. The clean water is a godsend. It keeps her healthy and is close to where she lives, so she can spend her time getting the education she deserves. Having a well nearby also keeps her out of the dangers of sexual trafficking, which is so prevalent in her area.

And most importantly, this energetic, young girl’s days are full of joy because as she visits the well to draw water, she’s also learning about how much Jesus loves her at the church! She has the beautiful opportunity to be who He created her to be...and it all started with clean water—a simple gift you can help bring to so many others around the world..

People walking to a new well