Stories: 1,000 Wells

1000 Wells

Clean Water for 1,000 Communities & Counting

- by Hand of Hope
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1000 Wells

For the 2,800 people living in Badvan, India, water had become their primary concern. In short, they didn’t have enough.

The village elders attempted to drill four water wells, however only one was a success. With such a limited supply of water, strict rules were required: Families could visit the well only twice a day and for a limited amount of time.

For most, this meant walking a long distance, waiting in long lines and often missing work. Even then, there wasn’t enough water to go around.

Meanwhile, the small Christian community in Badvan met each Sunday to worship in a tiny hut made of mud. Because the walls of the church frequently collapsed due to rain, they had been praying and fasting, crying out to God for a new church building.

This past June, the Lord used you to help answer the prayers of this small village when Hand of Hope drilled a fresh-water well and constructed a brand-new church for the people of Badvan.

In fact, this is the 1,000th water well Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries World Missions has drilled in villages and remote communities like this one all around the world!

Today, because of you, the people of Badvan have more than enough water to go around. No more long lines, and no missing work. And their village has a safe, dry place to worship each week.

As a part of our family of partners, you can share the love of Christ and quench the physical and spiritual thirst for hundreds of families in need.

Hand of Hope